Get Zen! Program


Discover How to Break Through Stress & Get Zen!

What if you could learn how to easily and quickly
curb your anxiety and overwhelm?


Even on the crazy-busy days, you’d stay calm, cool, and collected. Even with a to-do list 10 pages long (and growing), you’d remain effortlessly relaxed. Your full plate is still there, but instead of freaking out, you’d feel…Zen.


Sounds pretty awesome, right?

But let’s be real. Your life is complicated. You’re bogged down and when the day is over, you just feel wiped. Except at bedtime when you’re lying awake on a rollercoaster of racing thoughts, emotions, and to-do’s.

You’re on the verge of burnout and you really need a break.

You know chronic stress is worse for you than smoking a pack a day,
but you can’t seem to control it.

One more snarky comment from your boss or partner,
or one more platitude like “be grateful even for the bad days” and you might completely lose it.

You need a guide, a roadmap of sorts to get through the rocky terrain
of your own stress and anxious tendencies.


Get Zen! takes a holistic approach to the dilemmas that make you want to lose your sh*t and dive face-first into some Rocky Road.

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Hi, I’m Crystal Jane.
As a Holistic Health Coach, I help busy clients like you take control of chronic stress with practical, evidence-based strategies and tools. There was a time in my life when stress was my (unfortunate) default. Self-care was nowhere on my radar…and my body definitely paid the price. Chronic fatigue and pain, autoimmune issues, insomnia, digestive distress—I had it all. I knew I needed to tame my out of control stress so I went on a years-long scavenger hunt to discover what functional medicine and holistic wellness had to say. I found what I was looking for, took control of my stress levels, renewed my connection to myself, and stepped into a much more peaceful and vibrant life. Now I want to share with you how I did it.

You’ve been telling yourself it’s time for a change for years.

 Are you ready?

Get Zen! will guide you from frustrated to resilient…

in just 10 days.

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During this program, you’ll learn my top strategies for how to manage stress and the chaos in your life.

Each module is delivered in easy bite-sized pieces. Since you already have enough on your plate, it’s designed to be simple to digest and put into practice.  

Zen is a practice. Nobody’s calm and cool all the time. But when you have the right tools and strategies, it becomes a lot easier.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a Buddhist monk living high up on a mountain somewhere to feel Zen.

You can practice at work, during your commute, on your lunch break, or at home while you relax on the couch—it’s totally up to you! 

What’s Included in the Get Zen! Program?

  • 10 bite-sized modules you can practice anytime, anywhere
  • Doable action steps to keep you on the right track
  • Suggested meditations to tame that crazy chaotic mind
  • A breathing exercise that you can do anywhere, anytime
  • Recommended stress-busting foods, teas, and herbs

Some of the Topics We’ll Cover:

  • How to be your own BFF and use alone time as space for rejuvenation
  • Understand how powerful boundaries create a healthy relationship with yourself & everyone around you
  • Stop the negative rhetoric and replace it with a positive perspective
  • Let go of lingering resentments that steal your energy
  • Release your tension and start letting go of the need for control
  • Find flow states that lead to higher productivity and sharper focus
  • Connect with your body and embrace movement
  • Never feel selfish for taking care of yourself ever again

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the course take?

This course is specifically created for busy clients like you. The program is intended to run for 10 days, but you can go at your own pace because you’ll have all the materials. 


What kind of time commitment should I expect?

Each module and activity should take under 30 minutes to complete. There are 10 modules total.

Do I need to know anything about this subject before I take the course?

Nope. In the Welcome Guide there are plenty of resources covering the topic of stress, the meaning of stress, and how it affects your health. We’ll go over what Zen really means and there are additional resources to enhance your learning and help you achieve your stress-reduction goals.

When can I start?

Once you purchase it, you’ll receive access to the Welcome Guide and 10 modules. You can start right away!

Do I get any support with it?

This program gives you everything you need to succeed on your own. However, if you’re interested in receiving extra support, contact me for more info about 1:1 coaching to guide you through this program. I’m here to support you!